What is ImpulsX Passive?

ImpulsX Passive is a system in which you buy Investment packs which cost $10.00.  The money from the Investment packs go into an investment fund which Polaris Inc. manages and creates profit by trading cryptocurrency.

Where does the profit come from?

The profit is generated from 3 sources currently and 2 backings.  There are 3 Bot trading sources (nbot: swing trade on EurekaX USDT pairs, Futures bot, day trades/swing trades on Binance USDT-futures, and Bitsgap bot: arbitrage trades on various exchanges).  The packs are backed by ERK, IPX and other crypto holdings of ImpulsX Limited, and backed by ImpulsX.club training and trading program.

Click here to download Polaris trade history.  On average the company is able to produce 10-12% monthly profit which breaks down to 2.5-3% weekly profit.  So for example, if you bought 100 packs for a total of $1000.00, you would receive approximately $25-$30/week or $100-$120/month.

Historic Results

I have been a member of ImpulsX Passive system since September 25th in the beta phase.  Here are my results so far:

Week     Payout               Total Packs        Date

Matrix and Referral Earnings

The ImpulsX Passive also has a 2/15 matrix with spillover.  Besides getting 2.5-3.0% profit on your packs, you also receive 10% commission on your direct referrals and $0.20 per new pack purchased by anyone in your downline based on your Sponsor Level.  If you refer 2 paying referrals, then you are a Silver Sponsor and get paid up to 5 levels, if you refer 5 paying users, you are a GOLD member and receive matrix commissions up to 10 levels deep, and if you refer 10 paying users, you get paid up to 15 levels deep!  As of this writing, I have earned $129.40 in Refferral Tree Bonus.

Why join under me?

The best reason to join under me is because I am actively promoting ImpulsX Passive and although there is  no guarantee, there is a good chance that you will receive spillover from signing up under me.  I am available to help with any questions you may have as well, just shoot me an email at mike@achievor.com.

I am also willing to buy your 1st Ad Pack!  For the 1st 10 people that sign up, I will buy them their first 2 Ad Packs!

Join Today!

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