I am a huge fan of Beachbody On Demand and Autumn Calabrese.  Autumn Calabrese makes up a huge part of Beachbody On Demand since she has so many programs (1 Day Fix / 21 Day Fix Extreme / 21 Day Fix Real Time / 80 Day Obsession / Beachbody Yoga Studio / Hammer and  Chisel / A Little Obsessed / A Little More Obsessed / and Pre and Post Natal Fitness

To make this the best Beachbody 21 Day Fix Review possible, I am going to do the 21 Day Fit Real Time for 21 Days and record my exprerience and results.

The 21 Day Fix Calandar :

Monday Day 1 / 13 / 16: Total Body Cardio Fix

Tuesday Day 2 / 12 / 15: Lower Fix

Wednesday Day 3 / 10 / 17 : Upper Fix

Thursday Day 4 / 14/ 18 : Pilates Fix

Friday Day 5 / 8 / 19: Cardio Fix

Saturday Day 6 / 9 / 20: Dirty 30

Sunday : Day 7 / 11 / 21: Yoga Fix

Starting Outdumbells

Ok, so starting out measurements are 6’2 about 205 lbs. in the morning. I will update my results at the end of day 21.

What equipment is required for Beachbody 21 Day Fix?

  • Light weights – I use a pair of 20 lbs. dumbells for my heavy set and 10 lbs. for my light set.
  • Excercise mat

All excercises start out with about a two minutes warmup and have about a two minute cool down as well.

Review of Each Individual Workout

  • Total Body Cardio Fix – Equipment needed : water and towel, recommended : weights, Beachbody Core Comfort Mat.
    • I’m really not a big fan of cardio either, mainly I hate running or jogging, but this workout had very little of that. It made me sweat as much as Lower fix, but I was able to get through it.  There is about 2 1/2 minutes of warmup and 2 21/2 minutes of cool down so you really only have 25 minutes of pure working out.  I used a 20 lbs dumbell for all the workouts and next time, I would probably use a 10 and a 20 because some of the movements were too hard with a heavier weight.
  • Lower fix – Equipment needed : water and towel, recommended : weights, Beachbody Core Comfort Mat.
    • I always hate working out my legs, I just really hate doing squats…actually let me rephrase that, I hate doing squats with proper form, getting real low.  Also, sometimes it hurts my knees, but I think that has more to do with my form and not using enough of my quad muscles.  I do not sweat much, but this workout made me sweat!  It didn’t seem that hard, but I was pouring sweat by the end of it.  All in all, the workout went by really fast, I was able to complete all the excercises but it was hard enough that I will be sore the next day.
  • Upper Fix / Bonus – 10 Minute Fix for Abs – Equipment needed : water and towel, recommended : weights, Beachbody Core Comfort Mat.
    • I was able to complete the program fairly easily, but it did make me realize how hard it is to do constant pushups for a minute!
  • Pilates Fix – Equipment needed : none.
    • This workout mainly consists of 30 second explosive excercises which a lot of them require jumping.  This workout really got my heart rate up and made me sweat just as much or more as Lower Fix and Cardio.
  • Cardio Fix / Bonus – 10 Minute Fix for Abs – Equipment needed : water and towel recommended.
    • Honestly Pilates seemed to get my heart pumping more than the Cardio Fix, but the Cardio Fix is kind of nice because it still gets your cardio going, but it isn’t so hard that you can’t last the whole 30 minutes.  This one seemed to fly by quickly for me.
  • Dirty 30 –  Equipment needed : water and towel, recommended : weights, Beachbody Core Comfort Mat.
    • Dirty 30 is just as it sounds, dirty.  This is a full body workout with a lot of compound muscle excercises that  helps to burn those calories in a huge way!
  • Yoga Fix – Equipment needed : water and towel, recommended : Yoga mat
    • I thought the Yoga Fix would be a relaxing, easy workout, but Autumn Calabrese has tranformed some tradiational Yoga poses and made them a littler more challenging.  I was still able to finish the whole 30 minutes, but I sweated a lot more than I was anticipating for Yoga.

Review of Autumn Calabrese

Autumn Calabrese is very fit, beautiful, and very motivational as well. (at least in my opinion).  She walks the walk and talks the talk. This may sound shallow or vain, but I usually only like to follow trainers who have the physique that I admire or would want to achieve.  Its just that if I am going to follow someone’s custom routine, I want to follow someone that can prove that their system works.  And their proof is their own body.  Of course, I am a guy so I do not necessarily want to look like Autumn Calabrese, but I think you get my point.  She is fit with great muscular tone and abs which is what I am working towards.

Autumn Calabrese’s Nutrition Program

Autumn Calabrese has her own nutrition plan which you can download under the 21 Day Fix Real program in Beachbody.com.  The nutrition guide helps you calculate your calorie goal based on the amount of weight you want to lose.  She uses a container sytem to help manage what you eat.  Green  = Veggies, Purple = Fruits, Red = Proteins, Yellow = Carbs, Blue = Healthy Fats, Orange = Seeds and Dressings.  The Eating Plan pdf provided on Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix plan has 72 pages that explains the HQ Eating Plan in detail and provides tons of sample recipes as well.  Autumn Calabrese also has a Vegan Friendly option as well.

What else is included?

  • Food List
  • Grocery List
  • Meal Planner
  • Tally Sheets
  • 3 Day Quick Fix – A quick way to drop a few pounds quickly.  Autumn Calabrese does this before her bikini competitions and photo shoots.


  • Workouts are 30 minutes each
  • Only 21 Days
  • Autumn Calabrese is a great coach and is very motivational
  • Workouts seem to go quick and are fun
  • Lots of variety, not doing the same workout each day
  • Has a easy diet plan to follow
  • For both men and women


  • No rest days


This has ended up being one of my favorite work outs to date.  I like how all her workouts start with the hardest excercises in the beginning and end with the easier excercises at the end because this way I am able to put more energy into the hard excercises and know that if I get through the first 15 to 20 minutes, I know I can finish it with no surprises.  I will probably cycle different forms of 21 Day Fix a couple of times a year.  I can see this being a great workout program to drop weight and get toned quickly before a wedding, summer, or maybe even a class reunion?  I ended up dropping 8 lbs


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